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Ouija Origin of Evil (2016)

Mary’s husband and daughter comes to see Doris’s mother to contact with his dead wife, but his daughter doesn’t believe her. Doris’s mother is fortuneteller to helps people to see their love, but actually her family is business scam.

Doris and Lina are her daughter and they work with their mother, she told them that they did to comfort the people. They lost their father for long time, Doris stills keep praying for him.

Tonight Lina sneaks out to see her friends, one of her friend introduce them the board that can talk to ghost, Ouija.

They decide to play it, Lina doesn’t believe about it. That night they are catch that they have a party, her mother shows up upset and pick her up.

Next day Doris’s mother bought Ouija’s board from shop to help her business. While she prepare it and plays alone, Doris communicates with spirit without knowing. Lina notices about that but Doris doesn’t remember anything.

That night Doris comes to Ouija’s board alone, she talks to the spirit. When see through Ouija’s planchette, she see someone.

At night Lina is disturbed by something she didn’t see, She thought that it’s Doris, but she see nothing.

Next day Father asks Doris’s mother about her homework, seem she can do homework too better. Doris tells them that her friend did but nobody believes her.

That night Doris plays Ouija’s board alone to talk with her dead father, right now Doris’s mother has problem with finance and may lost their house.

While She and Lina talking, Doris comes back with money she tells them where she found it. She tells them that her father tell her about it.

They decide to play Ouija’s together to talk with their father, she shows them that their father is there. Lina doesn’t believe it, but Doris’s mother thinks that with this Ouija’s board they can really do what they scam.

Father asks Lina that Doris is absent, she tells him that she worked with her mother. Doris helps their client to contact with their love spirit, sometimes she borrowed them her body.

At night Doris feels that her neck hurt, she goes to ask Ouija’s board about her neck. She sees someone in planchette, it following her and enter in her body.

That night Lina has nightmare about her mouth is sewed, next day when Doris’s friend try to pick on her again. She uses her mind to control him to hurt himself, that night Doris’s mother has dinner with Father.

Actually he wants to talk to her about her daughter and her business, he try to warn her. That night Lina invites her boyfriend to stay with, after make out he meet Doris on the way out. She scared him to death.

That night Lina try to warn her mother about Doris, but she doesn’t believes her. She tells her that her father won’t change Doris.

Next day after Lina found something in Doris’s room in Polish, she asks father about it. She tells him that she saw Doris wrote it.

After that father shows up at their house and want to have a reading with Doris, she helps him to talk with her dead wife. After that he wants to talk to Doris’s mother and Lina’s alone.

Father tells them that he tricks Doris, he explains them that her daughter is channeling something but not his wife. He explains them what he found in Doris’s writing, he tells him about doctor’s spirit from WWW 2. He used their house as the experiment lab to torture some people.

Lina’s boyfriend shows up and gets in, she tricks him to the basement. He is pulled into the dark.

Lina thinks that they should get out now, because their always watching them. They come back and found that Doris is missing. Then they see Lina’s boyfriend hang himself from stair.

They notice that Doris might be at basement, they decide all together to get her back. After they burn the Ouija’s board, they notice where he keeps all body. Father goes through the shaft to get Doris, he crawls in and found the secret room.

Doris shows up with spirit inside, he tells father about what happen to them. He try to get her out of them but failed, father comes out and get possess he try to after Lina and Doris’s mother

They run of it, father get himself back but they knock him down. Lina and Doris’s mother are attacked and throw them through the wall.

Doris’s mother offered herself and wants them to let her daughter out. But they want them all, she knocks her down and drag to basement.

Lina wakes up and found that her father help her, she remember what her father try to do. While Doris’s mother is tied in basement, they are going to cut her.

Lina shows up and knocks her, she try to sew her mouth why spirits try to stop her. Lina finish it before they knock her out.

Doris’s mother wakes up and found Doris mouth is sewed, Lina tells her that this is only way. But Lina ‘s possess and stab her mother to death. Before she died she see her husband and Doris.

Lina is with her physician, he wants to know where is her sister’s body. She keeps telling him the same thing over and over.

One day she make the Ouija’s board on floor with her blood, she plays alone and call out Doris.