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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3

What Is Dead May Never Die

Craster wants Snow and his men gone because he saw what he did, Snow doesn’t understand why his command allow him to do. But his command already knows about it but Craster help his men many times in wood. They will leave tomorrow.

Bran thinks that he is in his wolves why wander in the wood, but the other try to tell him it’s just a dream. To prove it, they will chain him while he sleep.

Catelyn goes to see Renly, he agrees to help her but his men doesn’t like her attitude. But Catelyn feels that they are too weak.

Theon’s father plans to attack winterfell, he wants to help but his father doesn’t allow him, he also doesn’t want him to attack winterfell but they think that he doesn’t want to hurt them.

Tyrion plans something against Cersei, he tricks all member in counsels not to tell her. He thinks plan to make marry Theon with Cersei’s princess, so he will switch sides and attack Robb from inside. She is upset after knows about it, Tyrion tells her that she will be safe.

At night, king’s solider shows up to find Arya and Gendry, his caravan header is killed by them. Arya and the rest are capture.