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The Girl on the Train (2016)

Rachel is on the train every day to work, she always notices a woman, Megan in one house of her way.

Rachel likes what that Megan has, Rachel used to have her family but she lost Tom before she get her own baby. Megan always running every day through under the bridge.

She is not happy with her life, she was Anna’s baby nanny. She always wants to have baby of her own, one night she tell Anna that she wants to quit to be nanny.

Anna is Tom’s wife, they have a nice baby together. Rachel often call them and try to get involve with them. She also has drinking problem.

One day Rachel see that Megan is with another man, she is upset after see her like that. She thinks that Megan try to throw her good life.

Rachel decides to get off train and go to see Megan, but she notices that there is stranger is following her. She run away from him, and Rachel found Megan while she is running under the bridge, then she doesn’t remember anything after that.

Rachel wakes up and found herself cover in blood in her bedroom, she doesn’t remember anything for what happen.

After that night, 2 detectives show up at her place. They ask her few questions about her whereabouts. They tell her that Megan is missing, they ask if she knows Megan. Seem that Rachel was fired, and she didn’t go to work.

Rachel tells detectives about Megan’s affair, they think that what she tells them is suspicious. They warn her to stay away from Tom and Anna’s family.

Rachel goes to see Megan’s husband, Scott. She tells him about what she saw about her affair. Scott thinks that may be her affair is her therapist, Abdic

Few months before she missing, seem Scott already knows about her affair. They have fight about it before Megan start to see her therapist.

After that Scott tells this to police, they take him to question and release him after that. Scott tells Rachel that police doesn’t believe, Rachel found Tom and Anna nearby.

She starts to remember something that night, she remember that Anna hit her that night. Rachel goes to see Abdic about her blackout.

Anna goes to see detective about Rachel, they tell her that they need evidence to process.

Rachel obsess with Megan’s case, one night Scott shows up at her place. He tells her that Megan is pregnant but she didn’t tell him. In past Megan used to make her baby drown, after that she is scared to be a mother again.

Day later, Megan’s body is found dead. Anna thinks that Rachel might be the killer, apparently that Anna is Tom’s affair.

Scott tells Rachel what he found from police, Megan’s baby is not belong to Abdic. He is upset after know that she is Tom’s ex wife. She makes him in difficult situations, after that she goes to police station to file about Scott.

Police tells her that Scott has alibi, they think that she lies. They ask if she kill Megan, she said nothing and left.

That day when Megan is missing, Abdic goes to comfort Megan they are not kissing. But Rachel is misunderstand them.

One night Rachel notices a stranger in bar, she remember that she saw him near tunnel. She try to ask him what happen that night, he tells her that she fells. He try to help her but she tells him to get off.

Rachel thinks that she might be the one who kill Megan, she decides to leave town. She met someone in her past, she found that Tom lied to her. Actually Tom get fired is not because of her.

One night Anna found out about Tom’s affair with Megan, Rachel starts to remember what happen that day after she goes there again.

She remember that she saw Tom and Megan, he assaults her before left with Megan. Next day she goes to see Anna about it, she try to warn her about him but she won’t listen.

Tom shows up and they both confront him about Megan, Tom knocks her down when she try to confront him about what he did.

That day Megan and Tom go in the wood, she tells him that she pregnant. He tells her to get rid of it, she won’t and argued. He push her down and kill her.

Rachel wakes up and try to escape but Tom grabs her and squeeze her neck, she try to run away from him. But he is after her, she stabs him with knife.

Tom stills alive while Anna push the knife deeper to be sure that he dead. Both of them are arrested by police. Anna gives the truth to police about what happen.

After that Rachel is released and live her life, she didn’t look over at the other house again.