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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 2

The Night Lands

On the way to north, Arya meets Gendry another Robert’s bastard. King’s guard shows up at their caravan and looking for Gendry, but his header chases them out.

After Cersei receives answer from Robb, she is not satisfy with his answer. She also ignore what Mormont’s request.

Snow learns from Sam about one of Craster’s wife is pregnant with boy, she wants to run away with them. Snow refused to help, he thinks they can’t help her.

One of Daenerys’s men is back only his head, Jorah thinks that the other tribe doesn’t like that she is the leader. She swears to revenge of them.

Arya learns from Gendry that her father comes to ask him question before he is killed, she tells Gendry who she is.

Theon goes back to his father after he is with Eddard for years, his father doesn’t like him. He feels that his son is belong to Eddard not him, he found that her sister will command army instead of him. His father plans to raise army to fight with Robb.

Tyrion found from Cersei that Joffrey is the one who ordered to kill Robert’s bastard, she event not notices about it.

One night Snow notices Craster, he following him in to the wood. He see someone taking his baby out before he is knocked down by Craster.