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Pete’s Dragon (2016)

While Pete’s family are in car on their way to vacation, there is a deer jump out on the road. Their car flip and get accident on the road, Pete gets out car alone and walk into wood. He heard some noise in wood, he found that he is surrounded by wolves.

Then he heard another sound that scared them away, he see the dragon,Elliot. It takes him to his place and take care him.

After that 6 years, Pete stills living with Elliot in the wood. One day Pete and Elliot meets Grace, the ranger in the wood. It’s a long time that he see another human, he is very interesting at her.

He steals her compass, inside he see the picture of Graces’s parent. He start to think about her, next day he goes to see her again but instead he meet some workers who cut down the tree.

He see Gavin, Jack, Grace and Jack’s daughter, Natalie. She see him in wood and following him. He leads her to his place, she fells down the tree. Her parents following her voice and see Pete.

She scares him, he try to run away but he fell down the tree while Gavin try to grab him. They take him to hospital.

Elliot wakes up and found that Pete is missing, it’s looking for him. While it is looking for him, it makes noise, Gavin and his men try to hunt him down.

At hospital, Pete try to escape from room. Natalie try to figure out who is him, Pete escapes from hospital and try to runaway but end up and captured by Grace.

Grace takes him home, she tells him that she will take him to woods tomorrow. He agree, Gavin and his men wander in the wood and found their cave.

When he try to takes Pete’s book, Elliot angry and show himself. Gavin and his men run out, they escape out of the wood.

Grace get call from sheriff about his family, Elliot is looking for Pete in town. Pete learn from Natalie that Elliot is the dragon.

Elliot following Gavin back to Jack’s home, he found Pete in their home. He thinks that Pete is happy, so he backs to his cave and sad.

Grace tells her father about Elliot, he tells her again about his story when he met dragon. Next day she takes him and Natalie to his wood, on the way she pick up her father with her.

Gavin and his men also plan to hunt down Elliot, Pete leads them to his cave. Pete and Elliot show up to them.

Gavin and his men show up and try to capture Elliot , he try to fly but he is tranquilize and fell down on ground.

They take him back to warehouse, Pete and Natalie trying to help him escape. While sheriff and them try to claims his right, Natalie and Pete try to help him out.

With Grace’s father’s help, they drive him back to the wood. But Gavin and other try to stop them, but they escape out. Elliot is angry and burn the bridge, Grace and Jack’s car fell down the bridge but Elliot help them up.

But they notice few helicopter are on this way, he and Elliot fly back into the wood. But Elliot decides to let Pete goes back to human, Pete understand and very sad.

Elliot send Pete back to Grace and Jack’s family.