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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1

The North Remembers

Joffrey manages to have knight fight, during the celebration Sansa rescues one of his knight before killed.

After Tyrion shows up, he shows sympathies to Sansa. She is forced by Joffrey for every of her moves. Tyrion is appointed as Joffrey hand of king.

While in capital, they have problem because of refugee of the war are filling their city. They will have trouble when winter is come. Cersei commands them to close door and do not let them any more.

As Bran is in charge of castle when Robb is in the war, he has to be listen the people concern about Robb’s war. Next day he notices the red comet on sky, someone tells him that it means dragon.

Daenerys’s men are suffered from starving, they plans to find the place to settle. She sent her men to find out the answer.

Snow and his men arrives at the village, they are looking for Benjen but nobody see him since. They learn about Raydar gathering the army to the south.

At Stannis’s tribe, one the them try to stop Melisandre from burning their god. But nobody listen to him, Stannis pull the sword from the fire and he is willing to fight the war.

After Eddard tells Stannis about Joffrey ‘s truth, he is planning to war with Robb and Joffrey to get lands.

Robb keep move Jaime to avoid he is rescue by his father, he also aware about Stannis’s army is coming for Joffrey.

Robb send Lannister the terms that he required to make peace with them, he requests Eddard’s corpse, soliders and Joffrey to stand down otherwise there is no peace.

After Catelyn learns the Robb’s request, she worried about Sandsa and Arya’s safety, but he wants her go to negotiate with Renly to get his men.

Cersei commands his soldiers to kill all of Robert’s son in city after she found out that Joffrey also knows about it. One of them escape to north with Arya.