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Jack Reacher Never Go Back (2016)

In small town, sheriff’s office shows up after people call about fighting. Jack is there waiting for arrest, he warns the sheriff that he will be cuff instead of him. They make illegal sell of migration, they are arrest after MP arrive.

After finish, he call major Turner for thank. They have several talks they start to connected. He heads to DC to see her, but instead he found that she is arrested for espionage.

He found from her CO that he is sued for pay of his children. He found that they think she try to sell secret, now she is captured. He found that he is followed, after get rid them he tracks back to a woman who claim that he is her father.

Jack found that Tuner is accused, he thinks that Turner might be in danger. Next day Jack is invited to see the major about Turner’s case. But he found that he is accused for kill the major, who he asks to help Tuner out.

During the way to prison, Jack found Tuner. He plans to escape from there with her. He gets out the lock and get Turner out, before Turner’s assassin shows up. Jack gets her before they kill her.

Turner tells him about what she investigated, several weapons are missing and she wants to find who. While she try to access her email, the assassin found their location.

They almost get him but local polices show up, they get chance and escape from him. They think that he comes from Parasource, one of military contract.

Jack and Turner go to see Colonel Morgan, they found that he involves. They gets evidence about Daniel, one of sub contractor.

After that Jack found that they might go after woman who claim that she is his daughter, Samantha. They found that she is be able to escaped from that assassin.

They take her to hide, while Colonel Morgan is killed by assassin and put it on Jack. Jack found that their position might compromise.

Jack and them get on the plane but they are followed, he takes out them. After land they escape from assassin, he tells Samantha that he might be her father.

Samantha confess that she is the one who filed that he is her father, they decide that Jack will go to see one of witness’s friend about his whereabouts.

Jack is ambush by assassins, but he gets them all. Assassin threats him that he will goes after Samantha.

Next day while Tuner and Jack are looking for Daniel, one who Turner’s men talked to him before and get killed. He tells them what happen, they setup to get Daniel to safety.

Parasource’s men trap their communication and following him. He is ambush, Daniel is killed. Jack shows up and help him out, after that they go to Parasource airport.

They are transporting the crate on plane, they stop them and check their crate. But they found nothing. But Jack found something strange, he found opium inside the crate. While Assassin found where Samantha is, but she notices them first.

She call Jack, he heads back to her. Samantha running from them to the street. Jack and Tuner are following them to the roof.

Jack found assassin with Samantha, he holds her hostage. Jack makes a chance and lost his gun. They fight, Jack breaks his legs, arms and neck.

Tuner gets her position back, Samantha found that Jack is not her father. She is attend in school.