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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10

Fire and Blood

Arya is rescued by Baelor, he try to hide her from capital men. Bran goes down the dungeon to following the crow and found his brother there. He tells him that he saw his father last night.

Bran gets news that his father is killed, Catelyn and Robb also get the news about him. They are very upset but first they have to get his sisters back first.

Joffrey is the king and very misuse his power, he shows Sansa her father’s head. He forces her to marriage him. Sansa almost try to kill herself but she change her mind.

One of Robb’s follower decides to put Robb as the king in the north instead of obey Joffrey or any of Robert’s heir

Jaime confess to Catelyn that he is the one who push Bran down the tower, Tywin gets news that Jaime is captured. One of his men suggest that they should make peace with Robb.

Daenerys wakes up and found that her son is died, because they take her to the rural where they use magic to recover Drogo. She found that he alive but not himself anymore, she found that the witch tricks her and take her son life and Drogo. That night she decides to kill him to end of his miserly life

Tywin ask Tyrion to be the hand of the king for Jeffrey, Snow decides to escape out of the wall and goes to see Robb. But his friends try to convince him back, they did.

Next day his command tells him that he will need him to go out the wall and find Benjen.

Daenerys burns Drogo and decides to kill herself, Jorah try to protect her. She put the dragon eggs in fire too, she free her people and burn the witch. While fire is burned, Daenerys walks into the fire without harm.

After fire burn all night, Daenerys stills alive and has baby dragons with her. The rest of her men bow for her.