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Suicide Squad (2016)

Floyd is beaten by guard, he promises to them when he get out he will get them. While Harley also tortured by guard until he knocked out.

Amanda is at here to discuss what happen after superman is gone, she wants to have to tool to fight with metahuman. She wants to pass the project x, which contain Floyd is deadshot, Harley who falling in love with Joker, Aussie the captain boomerang, Chanto aka Diablo, Waylon aka killer croc and June, the enchantress.

Amanda convinces the committee to agree with her and use them to protect the country in Argus project. Amanda goes to get them out of prison, Flag who is her put in charge of them doesn’t so agreed.

While Joker is looking for Harley, Enchantress release her brother on to help her from Amanda. She tells her brother to build up strength and wait her.

He starts to eat people in station and start attack the train. They prepared them out for there to fight him.

Joker breaks in wayne to get the weapon, enchantress get her power from her brother and building her weapon.

Flag explains them what they have to do otherwise they will died by bomb inside their body. Katana also join them in mission to protect Flag, Joker notices that Harley is out and he is coming for her.

Before they reach the point their helicopter are shot down by Joker, one of them try to escape. Flag has no choice but kill him, all of them move on to where is attacked.

They found the monster created by enchanted’s brother, deadshot killed them all. They are wonder what are them.

They move into building that enchantress is, they are ambush by monster. Seem they are after Flag, they protect him while Diablo wipe them out in one blow.

But after that they found that actually they come to rescue Amanda, but when they try to escape they found that Joker hijack their helicopter.

Joker gets Harley back, Amanda asks dead shot to kill Harley for his family but he didn’t. While Amanda is leaving, enchantress’s brother’s army show up and get her. Now enchantress get her heart back and continue her weapon.

Flag and other decides to help her, but later they found out what happen and who is their enemy. But they decide to help him get her out.

Killer croc will get the bomb while the other will distract them, but enchantress notices them and show them exactly what they want. But Diablo snap out of it and help other.

Diablo fight with her brother to get him the bomb’s position, he changed to his real body and push him back. They blow him along with Diablo.

But enchantress already complete her spell, she get information from Amanda and attack secret security. She fight with the other, Harley tricks her and get her heart out. Dead shot destroy her her weapon, Flag destroy her heart to force her bring June back. She won’t so he did, after she’s gone June is back.

Amanda also shows up and force them to still work with her, Dead shot get his chance to see his daughter. But after that Joker shows up and get her out.