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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9


Varys tells Eddard about his daughter, Sansa pledge for his life. He also tells him about Robb’s army. He tells Eddard to accept Joffrey then he will release by Cersei but he wont’.

Robb’s army is at the Trident where Walder protect it, Catelyn decides to goes to see him alone instead of through it.

She try to convince Walder to help them as he was her father’s follower, but he won’t help until Arya and Robb will marry with his son and his daughter. He has no choice but accept, Walder will give him more solider and hold his enemy.

His commander appreciate what Snow done for him that night, he gives him the gift as rare sword. Then he gets new that his brother Robb is on war, he feels sad that he won’t be there.

Snow realized that one of the oldest man at night watcher’s wall is Targaryen’s blood. He suggests him not to go to join with Robb.

Drogo is very sick, Jorah suggests Daenerys to escape because if Drogo dead she will. She asks to witch to use magic to help him, she tells her that she will use blood magic which forbidden.

But she has no choice, some of them disagree with her and attack her. Jorah get rid of him, Daenerys feels that her child is coming. 

Robb’s plan work and he captured Jaime but he lost 2000 men, so he feels so worst. Arya escapes from the attack and wander in city, she heard about the hand of the king.

Solider takes him out to the crowd, he passes someone and yell Baelor to that person. He is instructed to tell people his treason and accept Joffrey as king.

Joffrey tricks them and order to execute Eddard.