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Inferno (2016)

Zobrist is chasing by men, he is running through the Florence. He is cornered at town center ‘s top, they ask him where is the inferno. He jumps out of tower and dead.

Langdon wakes up in hospital, he has nightmare about man in mask and wake up. He found himself in Florence, he has no idea how he gets there.

Dr Brooks, Sienna who take care of him, she knew him since she was child. She told him he almost get hit by gunshot. Then woman in police suit shows up and she starts to kill try to get to him.

Brooks help him escapes out, she takes him to her apartment. He stills don’t remember much, even she gives him his voice while he unconscious. They decide to go to Consulate, Langdon checks his email and found email from his friend. Look likes they are stolen something together.

After he cleans himself, he found biotube in his jacket. It comes from government, he thinks they should open to see what is it.

He opened with his thumb and found crave human bone inside, there is picture of Dante’s hell inside. After called to Consulate, they will send someone to pick him. But unfortunate the men who chase a man to death also trap their phone. They are heading to them.

Langdon and Sienna found some clue in Dante’s picture, they found the clue related to Zobrist. They found that the policewoman shows up, they also found that Zobrist put the anagram inside it.

After solved anagram Langdon remembered why he is in Florence, turn out that those men are from WHO.

That policewoman, Vayentha works for Sims. And seem Zobrist hired him to work for him, she is ordered to kill him. Langdon and Sienna following lead to Palazzo Vecchio. But there they found that polices are around and search for them.

They climb the wall to inside, but with police’s drone they found them. They head to Vasari’s door,

They success arrive at paint of The Battle of Marciano, there Langdon remembered that he is injected by something. He worried that he might be a carrier, Sienna convinces him that he might wrong.

They found that his friend Ignazio was with him before, seem they spent night here before with mask of death. But they found that the mask is missing, after check the security camera they found that Langdon and Ignazio stole it. And Zobrist is the mask’s owner.

They escape out while all WHO’s men surrounded them, they escape through Armenia’s way. They found where Ignazio might hide the mask, they escape through Hall of Five Hundred to the street.

Vayentha found them, she starts to shoot at him. Sienna throw her down the ground. WHO’s men found him and following him at the exit.

Sims found that Zobrist release inferno virus from video that he left, he decides to stop Langdon himself.

Langdon and Sienna found the mask at The baptismal font, they found the clue on the mask. Bouchard from WHO shows up, Langdon doesn’t remember him.

After few talk he starts to remember, he tells him about Elizabeth. He thinks that Elizabeth try to stop him, they decide to work together. They head to Venice, Bouchard tells him that he goes to see him and give him the map to help decode it.

While in train he starts to remember what happen, Elizabeth is the one who come for his help. Bouchard lies to them, they try to escape from him. At station they ditch him, while Sims goes to see Elizabeth to help the situation.

After Langdon and Sienna arrive at Venice, they found that they are at wrong place. They found that Bouchard following them there, Langdon found that Sienna actually work with Zobrist. She lefts him, Langdon is captured by Bouchard.

Sienna and Zobrist are lover, they plan to release inferno together. She is his backup plan if he failed, Langdon wakes up and found that it’s Bouchard who want to sell virus.

Sims shows up and kill Bouchard, he explains him what happen since beginning. His team try to tricks him, he told him about Sienna who hired him to make him trust Sienna.

Sims takes him to see Elizabeth, they head to Istanbul to get virus. Sienna goes to see professor at university, one of Zobrist’s followers. She plans to break the virus bag and spread the virus.

Langdon and WHO goes to Hagia Sophia, they head to Sunken palace. Sienna plans to use bomb the break the bag there.

Langdon helps them point to specific area that virus might be, while WHO try to cut the all telecommunication. Sims spots Sienna and her men, he following them but he is killed by them.

Langdon found Sienna, he try to stop her. But she jumps in water and detonate. But Elizabeth already secure the virus. One of Sienna’s men try to stop her, Langdon shows up and help her. They saved virus.