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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 8

The Pointy End

After Eddard’s plan failed, Lennister’s men attack Eddard’s house. They try to captured Arya but Syrio help her out, she run out safety but Sansa is captured.

At night Varys goes to see Eddard, he tells him about his daughters. And he found that Tyrion also escape but how he stills alive.

At the wall, they found the remains of Benjen’s men but they didn’t found Benjen yet. Snow get news from capital that King is dead and Eddard is imprisoned.

Cersei makes Sansa to trick his mother and his brothers to loyal to new king, after Robb reads her message he decides to fight with new King.

Catelyn also get the message from Errie, she is upset and wants her sister help but she refused. While Tyrion get plan to revenge the lord of Vale.

At night, Snow wake up and found that the body they bring in is awake and try to attack his commander, he helps him by burn it. They said that white walker turns them to this.

Robb gather his father’s follower and prepare army ready to fight with Lennister, he tells Brann to hold the Winter fell while he gone.

Catelyn arrives at Robb’s army, she found that Arya is not captured. She tells him about Lannister cruel, they must only win.

Tyrion and his men also arrive at Tywin’s army, they prepare their army to intercept with Robb.

While Sansa at the council, she begs queen and new king to be mercy for her father. Joffrey agreed but her father must admin that he is a king.