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True Memoirs of an International Assassin (2016)

Mason is hired to get rid of armor dealer. he barge in their base alone and take down all of them one by one.

Actually Mason is Sam’s character in his novel, now Mason hops on the boss’s helicopter. He goes to fight and rescue his woman.  In the end of his story, but again Sam stuck at the ending of his novel.

Sam also has work in company which he doesn’t like much, in his free time he also training for combat and weapon.

He often get some story from his friend for his book, he was inspired about the ghost. He is the legendary assassin. Finally he gets the end by use the ghost as his ending.

But 6 weeks later that his novel is rejected, one night he gets call from woman from publisher about his book. She tells him that she wants to publish his book online.

But he found out that his publisher sells his books as real story not novel, at first he against it. But seems that his book is sell a lot, he likes that other people start to has attention at him.

He even get interview on TV show, but he escape out from station. But it instead raise his book sells.

But when he arrives at his home, he is abducted by El Toro’s men. He wakes out and get kidnapped, he gets real information about him from his friend. But they mistake that he is real ghost. But if he doesn’t accept they will kill him.

El Toro wants him to kill Venezuela’s president,  he sends Juan his men to be his partner to help and control him.

They head to Caracus, Juan doesn’t believe that his is the ghost. Sam try to find the way to escape from him, he escapes and try to tell police about it but nobody believe him.

But seem police is trying to ransom him, then police women, Rose shows up and knocks them down and rescue him.

She tells him that she is DEA’s police and following them, but she wants him to fake and go to see Russian’s boss, Masovich. She wants him to get information from him, he has no choice but goes to see him.

Masovich wants to know about his connection to El Toro, then he asks him to kill El Toro. He has no choice but do it, while he is talking with DEA. Juan shows up and get him.

Sam get chances and try to escape again but he is end up be captured by president’s solider. He is taken to see general Ruiz, but he found out that General Ruiz also want him to kill Masovich which he also has no choice.

CIA turns him to Masovich, he wants Mason dead. He goes back to see Rose, While Masovich’s men are following him there, he set a trap and stop them.

After that night Sam decides to kill Masovich, they go back to see El To ro for back up. Next day they go to president party, Rose wants him to get confession from president.

At party Masovich try to kill Sam but Rose block him and fight with him, Sam approach the president alone. He is try to get his confession but he notices by president. But seem he doesn’t care, Sam try to cheer him up. But he failed, president kill himself.

Rose and Masovich show up fighting, but General Ruiz also shows up kill Masovich and arrest him for kill president.

But during the way they are free by El Toro, seem he has deal with General Ruiz. He takes Rose out and try to kill Sam.

But CIA shows up and get him out, he found out that Rose might be in trouble. He get away from them and go to rescue her.

El Toro want to get Masovich’s business, he wants Rose to tells him about Masovich’s structure. Sam breaks in El Toro’s camp and explode it up.

He try to get her but El Toro get her on helicopter, Sam hop on it and fight with him. Finally they knock him down from helicopter.

When they down from helicopter, General Ruiz shows up and try to kill him. But his friend shows up and help him, he is actually the real Ghost.

6 weeks later, Juan become new president. Sam writes the new book related to what happen to Venezuela.