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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7

You Win or You Die

Tywin tells Jaime that he is stupid to attack Eddard that day, he should killed him that day. He tells him to take men to free Tyrion.

When Cersei comes to see Eddard, he tells him that he know Joffrey is Jaime’s son not Robert. And he knows that they hurt Bran because he saw her with Jaime, he wants her to take her family out before Robert back. He will tells him everything.

Baelish is defeated by Cersei and Eddard for long time, so he planned to make them fight to dead.

The girl from the south of the wall that Robb captured, tells them about thing that didn’t sleep any more. Snow found that all Rider sent out are gone also his uncle, Benjen.

Eddard learned that Rober is attacked by Boar and he is dying. He calls Eddard to rule the kingdom until Joffrey is age enough, but Eddard change to his rightful heir instead.

Eddard tells them to stop the assassin of Daenerys but it’s too late, the command already sent. During Daenerys is in the market, she is ambush by killer.

He try to poison her with wine but Jorah notices it and captured him alive, Snow wants to go out the wall and find his uncle. But they won’t allow him, Sam convinces him to patient for future.

Baelish try to tricks Eddard to peace with Lennister and make Joffrey the king then he can has all power. But he refuse.

When Snow goes out the wall to pledge his vow, his wolf gets Benjen’s hand back from the forest.

Drogo is very upset when knows about assassin, he decides to attack 7 kingdom and get the throne.

Next day Robert pass away, while Eddard should success as the protector of the Realm. But Cersie plans to make Joffrey as the new king, Eddard declares will of Robert but she refused.

Eddard try to forces his way but he is betrayed by Baelish and captured.