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Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)

Kubo’s mother is traveling across the ocean, with her instrument she can stop the wave. But during the journey she hit her head while fell into the ocean, she end up on the shore with her son Kubo.

Kubo grow up and take care of her mother since then, she seems lost her mind since that day. Every time when there is a bell ring in village, Kubo will down the mountain to the village to buy something back for them.

Kubo earned money by show with her moving origami, she gets her crowd. But she will leave as soon the bell ring again.

Hanzo is Kubo’s father, he wants to know how his father is. Her mother tells him also about his grandfather, the moon king. She warns him not to show up at night, otherwise he will taken away.

Next day Kubo decides to stay after night to make the lamp so he can talk with his father who died. He wait until dark but his father still not show up, after dark he heard someone call his name.

He see the mystery 2 women shows up, they are his mother sisters. They want his another eye, he run away to escape from them.

He run back to the village, but they are keep coming to him. But while he fells down while they are going to get him, his mother shows up. She tells him to find his armor, she sent him away.

Once he wakes up he found Monkey, she tells him about his mother and his village. He has to find his grandfather’s armor.

Monkey is his charm that his mother use last magic to active her to protect him. After sleep, money wakes him that his origami fold itself. It shows them the path they have to take.

During the way, Kubo is kidnapped by big beetle, he tells them that he is cursed to stay in this form. Hanzo is his master, he decides to join them to serve Kubo.

They found the cave like skull face, they fell down to the hole. There they found the sword, Beetle take it out and wake up the skull ‘s monster. Its head has a lot of sword, they go to check each of them to get magic sword.

After found it and get the sword from it head, the skull monster is stop and collapse. Beetle help them out by his wing.

While monkey and beetle has argument, Kubo found about his power. He can build the boat from leaves and help them cross the lake.

They found the breastplate under the Lake, beetle goes down to take it back. Same time her aunts found out the Kubo’s plan, one of them try to stop their plan.

One of them shows up and fight with monkey, while Kubo goes down the lake to help beetle. Kubo traps in the lake’s monster, beetle shows up and help him up before eaten.

Kubo found that monkey is his mother, she tells him about story about her and his father, Hanzo. His grandfather wants her mother and her aunts to kill Hanzo, but instead she fell into him and has Kubo.

Monkey tells beetle that her magic is fading, she will gone soon. In dream Kubo see old man, his grandfather. He explains him about the last piece of his armor.

They head to Hanzo’s fortress for last piece, helmet. but they surprise to see broken place. But they found that this is her aunt’s trap, she shows up and capture them.

She tells them that actually beetle is Hanzo, Kubo get chances and get them out. Hanzo knocks her aunt down. But while they are careless, Hanzo is hit. Kubo uses his power and get rid his aunt.

Now his monkey and beetle are gone, Kubo fly to his helmet. It’s hang as the bell in his village since beginning.

After get his helmet, he asks his grandfather to show up. He tells him about his heaven, but Kubo wants to revenge his parent. They fight, his grandfather turn into monster.

Kubo is defeated, he get string from his father and hair from his mother and his hair. He put them together to make string, he play song and bring out the spirit. What he use is the memory of people the power magic, Kubo uses his power and turn his grandfather to the human. But he doesn’t remember anything.

All villagers help them by tell him story about him, Kubo also take care of him after.