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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6

A Golden Crown

Eddard wakes up and see Robert and Cersei, he commands him to return Tyrion. But Eddard wants to take Jaime to justice for what he did, Robert wants them to stop fight and return Tyrion. He returns him as his hand again.

Daenerys wants to have dragon, she try to incubate it with fire, her hand can bare fire. At Winter fell, while his brother, Robb takes Bran to ride in forest. He lost and ambush by thieves. But Robb shows up and rescue him.

After Viserys see Daenerys in her ceremony, he realizes that he has no control over her anymore. He decides to take the dragon’s eggs and leave.

Tyrion try to buy Errie’s guard with his gold, but failed. He try to explain them that he has nothing to do with late king’s hand. He wants the justice by trial with battle. He tricks them by want Jaime as his champion.

But he ends up has a man who capture him fight for him. Tyrion’s represent win and get killed. Tyrion is free.

While Eddard on duty as king’s hand, he found that one of Lennister’s man burn down the village and kill men. Eddard uses this chance to revenge on Lennister.

Eddard wants to send Arya and Sansa back to Winter fell for what he did to Lennister. At the feast, Viserys try to make Drogo paid for Daenerys. He agreed to give him a golden crown as they agreed. Drogo melt the gold and put on his head.