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The BFG (2016)

Sophie is the orphan girl who live in orphanage, one night while everyone sleep she stills wake up and wander around.

Outside she notices some noise on the street, she goes to peak at it and she see the giant, Runt. She freaks out and run to her bed, but giant still after her and take her with him.

He run across the country to his home, seem he didn’t take her to eat. They have a great talk while he is cooking. He tells her that he took her here because to prevent her to tell other about him.

She dream that she has chance to escape and go out side but she is captured by other giant, while she is eating but the giant who took her here didn’t safe her.

She wakes up and found that it’s just a dream create by that giant, while she argue with him. The other giant, Flesh shows up, he smells her. She try to hide from her, with Runt help she can escape from him.

He wants her to stay alone in his house while he goes out, she wants to go out with him but he said it’s dangerous. But she convinces him success and go with him, they have to walk pass the giants.

But he failed, they wake the giants up. They make fun of him, after rain start they are go to hide. Runt has chance to get her out, but Flesh discovers later that Runt with her.

Runt takes her to the other world in the lake, then they spot and capture Boggswinkles. He explains her how to catch the dream, but she catch the bad one. After that he tells her to leave, he gives the good dream to people.

Runt found out that the other Giant found out about Sophie, after she sleeps he send her back to her orphanage. He tells her it’s dangerous to be with him, she try to convinces him but he leaves.

Sophie is sad and wants to find Runt, she jump out of balcony to get Runt’s attention. He stills there and get her with him to giant’s country.

They are planning what to do with other giant, he try to hide her from the other but when Flesh and other show up. They try to find Sophie, she escapes them and accidentally found boy’s room.

He’s once with Runt long times ago, he is very upset and chase them out with fire and water. After that Sophie thinks about plan to get rid the other giant, she wants him to make queen of England to dream about giant eat children.

She wants Runt to show himself to the queen but he doesn’t not agree, they go to the palace to make the queen dream.

After queen dream and wake up, she tells her dream to her servant. Then after they raise her curtains, they see Sophie. She tells them about Runt and her plan.

She tells Runt to show himself to the queen, after call for a while he shows himself and approach the queen.

The queen and Sophie with Runt have a meeting and breakfast together. The generals shows up, they plan to stop them from hunting.

Runt leads the soldiers to giant country, after there Runt make the bad dream for the other giants to weaken them down.

But Runt forget his tool, so Sophie handle the bad dream herself. But Flesh wakes up and try to attack Sophie, Runt shows up stop him.

Solders shows up and catch all giants, they leave them on island that faraway from the other.

After that Sophie is adopt by Queen, she stills missing about Runt.