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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 4

Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Bran is recovery but his leg will cripples for all his life, he is informed that Tyrion come to see him. He found that Bran is not dead, he is so welcome by Robb much.

Daenerys’s servant try to get information about dragon from Viserys. But he upset and try to hit her down, she fight back and warn him not to do next time. While Eddard has difficulty to manage the kingdom’s wealth.

At wall, Snow helps Sam from misuse by the other. Since then Sam following Snow everywhere to serve him. Snow decides that they have to help him trained.

Eddard goes down to Steel village that Baelish advise him to investigate about Lord Arryn. He found that it’s Robert’s bastards son. He try to send message to the king but he is too busy.

At knight’s competition before king, one of them is get killed during the fight. Arya and Sansa feel bad to see it. Baelish try to scares her with story of the knight, she promises him that she won’t tell his story.

Tyrion found Catelyn during the way she goes back to Winterfell, she asks help for warrior she met there to seize him back to Winterfell.