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Finding Dory (2016)

Since Dory is a small fish, she always lost and forget thing. One day she lost with her parents, she try to find them but nobody can help her because her short memory.

After grow up and meet and help with Nemo and his father, she starts to remember er family. She try to go to California but Nemo’s father, Marlin try to stop her because dangerous, but she convinces him that she need to see them.

They get help from turtle to take them to California, they are chased by octopus. They are escape but Nemo is hurt. His dad upsets on her, she try to find help but she is captured by employee at marine institute. Marlin and Nemo try to get in to help her out.

She is captured and tag in tank and found Hank, the red octopus. He tricks her and try to get her tag, because he wants to go to Cleveland with her tag.

She makes deal with her to find her family then she will give her tag, while they try to find her family. Her memory start to come back, she found the bucket of dead fish she thought that it’s a way to get out.

But it’s a bucket for shark, Destiny’s food, Dory is put in her tank. She found that Destiny is her childhood friend, she tells her about her home at open ocean.

She try to get help from Hank to guide her to her parent, but he wants her tag because he reach deal with her.

Marlin and Nemo get help from Becky the bird to take them to find Dory, but they lost. While Hank and Dory finally found the open ocean.

After Dory get home, she remember what happen to her family. While she is kid, she try to get something to her mother but she is suck to drain and lost her family. She found that her parent might be in quarantine, but she lost in pipe.

But with help from Bailey and Destiny, she found way out but on the way she found Marlin and Nemo.

They go to find her parent together, by the time they go to see them. It’s close hour, they are transporting the fish to Cleveland. They found her parent tank but they found that they are not here and probably dead.

She is in shock, she separate from everyone else. But while she lost and sad, she found the shell path that lead her to her family.

But she remember that she has to help Marlin and Nemo, with help from Destiny and Bailey they stop the truck and get them out.

Dory convinces Hank to stay in ocean with her instead of go to Cleveland. He agreed, but they are locked in the truck. They hijack the truck and come back to ocean.