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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3

Lord Snow

Eddard finally arrive at the capital, he is reminded that his father and his brother are burned alive there. He is attend in the meeting with other lords, first thing is about tournament which will take a lot of money. He will discuss this with the king again to avoid bankrupt the kingdom.

Cersei teaches Jeffrey to take care good of Sansa, because they will marriage soon. Jeffery wants the other lords to submit to him instead of have their own army. She told him that everyone else is their enemy.

Eddard tells Arya to be careful they are in dangerous’s place, Robb found that Bran is wake up. Bran didn’t tell anything to him, he feels angry that he damage his legs.

After Catelyn arrive at capital, she is taken to see lord Varys and Petyr about what happen to Bran, while Snow is at the wall with Tyrion. He proves himself that he is good but soldiers their dislike them.

Eddard found that Catelyn is at capital, she is planing to reveals the truth. But the other lords thinks it’s not good idea until they get the prove.

During the way Viserys found that it’s his sister, Daenerys that has power to command The Dothraki not him.

One day Snow goes up to the wall to see what it’s lie over the wall, he found that Benjen is goes out the wall to check some incident he wants to go too but he is denied. Tyrion is informed that the night watcher is only thing that between the darkness and the kingdom, he needs to get help before the darkness come.

Daenerys found that she is pregnant, she is happy, Eddard gets Syrio to teach Arya sword.