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Don’t Breathe (2016)

Today 3 teenagers just break in a house, they stop the alarm and start to grab the stuff and  escape.

They plan to collect money to go to California, these teenagers they are Rock, Alex and Money. Rock asks Alex come with them but he refuse because his father.

Money gets the info that there is an old guy who live alone, and he has a lot of money. He tells Alex and Rock about it. They convinces Alex to following them.

After canvas his house, they found that that man is blind and live alone. They decide to break in at night, they success to get in his house.

Rock gets in the house at first to stop alarm, his house is so dark. After she let them in, they try to search for his money but they can’t find it.

After Money goes to gas him to sleep, they found the door with big lock. They try to open it but they can’t, Money shows them that he has gun. Alex starts to freak out, he try to get Rocky out but she refuse. He left alone.

After they open the lock with gun, the man shows up. Money try to threat him but he is killed instead by his gun.

Alex comes back to rescue Rocky after hear the gun, he see that the house is locked by man. That man start to shutdown all door and windows, they are locked inside his house.

Rocky see his safe once he lefts and Alex shows up, she grabs all his money from safe and try to get out. But they notice him that they are there too.

They thought the lock door lead to way out of the house, they go in but they didn’t found that way out. That man discover that there is someone else in his house and took his money. He is very angry.

At that room they found a woman lock up, Rocky wants to help her out but That man is coming to them. Alex try to open door out but the man shows up and shoot at them. He killed that woman, Alex and Rocky try to escape.

But that man shutdown all light, they can’t see anything down there. They try to get out and lock the door. But they found his dog, it chases them to upstairs.

While that man breaks the door, Alex help Rocky to escape then the dog push Alex down the window. He pass out, but when he wakes up he is shot down back into the house.

Alex try to press panic alarm to get help from 911 but it doesn’t work, Alex try to fight him back but that man is too strong.

Rocky try to get out from shaft but she if found, he pulls her back to the house and knock her down.

Rocky wakes up and found that she is chained like the woman she found, He tells her that she kill that woman and his baby. He wants her to replace her.

That man though that he kill Alex, but actually he kill Money. That man try to make Rocky pregnant wit his freeze sperm, Alex shows up and rescue her.

But before they can leave, that man shows up and shoot Alex. Rocky run out of the house, his dog chasing after her. She run to their car but she is trapped in car with his dog outside. She get rid of it but that man shows up and knock her down.

He drags her back to house, she found the panic remote and press panic button. It makes him crazy, she get chance and knock him down.

She left his house before police show up. After that she found that man is not dead.