Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 2

The Kingsroad

The Dothraki is moving after the marriage, Viserys is awaiting them to fulfill the term. At Winterfell, Cersei and Jaime found that Bran stills alive, they are begin to worry. Stark’s wife is upset for what happen and hope that Bran will wake up.

Eddard and Robert are at The Kingsroad, they discuss about Drogo and Targaryens’s marriage. Eddard tells him not worried because they have no ship.

At night Cersei try to send the assassin to kill Bran but his wolf kill him, Catelyn also there and found that it’s odd for what happen, she goes to check the place where he fall. She found that Bran might be thrown down because he saw something he should not see.

Catelyn tells what she found to her closet people, they are wonder why. At Dotraki’s place Daenerys found the way to please Drogo and win his heart.

One day Arya’s wolf accidentally hurt Joffrey during fight to protect her from Joffrey, she free her wolf before it can captured. After that she is taken to the King, both of them blame for each other.

Cersei asks Sansa to tell what happen but instead she didn’t helps Arya, Robert decides to let it off as child’s fight but Cersei wants to kill wolf but as it already escape she wants Sansa’s wolf instead.

Eddard has no choice but do it by himself, Bran wakes up from his coma.