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Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Kirk is now represent to Fobonane High Council, he offers them the ancient weapon for symbol of peace.

But they instead upset because think they stole it from them, they start to attack him. He escape back to the ship, he and his crew are on mission to search the life forms in space.

They arrive at Yorktown Base, the big colony base. His crews goes back to see their family, at night there is unidentified vessel approach colony. They found the survivor who ask to help them discover nebula nearby.

Kirk volunteers to help them with his ship, they straight to that nebula. The survivor leads them to where their ship is, Altamid planet.

As soon they are there, they are attack by Krall, their ship is damage and can’t escape out. They get in the ship and steal the ancient weapon.

Kirk and his crew try to stop them while Scotty manage to warp the ship but Krall break the ship into 2 parts, Kirk tells his crew to abandon ship.

But Krall try to take all his crew, while the rest of ship are falling to the planet. Few of them escape safety on the planet, Kirk confronts the survivor that is it her plan to make his crew attack.

She tells them that if she lures them to Krall, they might release her crew. Kirk plans to rescue his crew back.

Scotty meets Jayla she tells him about what happen with Krall and their plan. She wants him to help her fix the other enterprise, while Kirk goes back to Enterprise to find his crew.

Kirk try to find his crew with Enterprise tool, he also wants to get back something. Uhura and other try to escape, they found out that Krall use one of their probe to lure the other ship.

Kirk found that the survivor is one of Krall’s plan, he tricks her to reveal her plan. They manage to escape from Krall’s men.

Uhura found Krall’s plan, he is going to attack Federal’s base at Yorktown. He is going to change himself to be like one of their crew.

Kirk and Chekov wander around and get in Jaylah’s trap, they show Kirk about old Enterprise’s ship. They use the transport machine to get doctor and Spock to ship.

Kirk and them plan to break his crew out, Jaylah tells them that if they go there they will be killed. They convince  her to help them break his crew out.

While Kirk makes diversion, Spock and other will get in to get his crew back. Kroll starts his ship to attack the Yorktown base, while Jaylah fighting with Krall’s man. Kirk help her out and back to the ship.

Kirk found the Krall’s plan to attack Federal’s planet, he has to stop him before he did that. He start this old ship, Krall already make his attack.

Spock plans to damage the bee’s pattern to stop their attack, they warp him and doctor to one of the bee ship. They found that if they break their communication will do it.

They put their ship near the swamp, Krall success to head to Yorktown. Spock and doctor following him to the base. Kirk lures Krall to the place in yorktown where he set trap to stop him.

Krall escape in the ship, Kirk and his men are looking for him. Uhura found that the old captain is actually Krall. They found that Krall alter his life to revenge the federation.

They found that he will distribute his weapon to the air distribution, Kirk following him to stop him while Scotty try to the stop the distribution.

They suck both of weapon and Krall out of space and safe city.