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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1

Winter Is Coming

In winter in Winterfell, 3 Men go through the tunnel and try to exit to the forest. One of them spots the human bodies, he freaks out and rush back. He try to tell what he saw to his colleague but nobody believe him. They go there to check there but only one survive back to tell the other.

At Eddard’s castle, Bran’s brothers are teaching Bran to shoot an arrow, while his father is watching them.

Then Eddard gets a news a bout what happen in the forest, only survivor tells him about while walkers.  After check near the forest he found the animal corpses and they also found 6 cups of dire wolves. He gives each of to his son as they are symbol of his house.

After that Eddard gets news about king’s death from capital, then few days later the new King, Robert come to his land.

Robert wants Eddard to be his hand of the king, he also wants to join their family together by marriage of their child.

While their enemy, Targaryens Viserys’s prince also planing to marriage his sister, Daenerys with The Drogo of Dothraki for their power to get his throne back.

After the Eddard’s welcome feast for his king, Robert. Catelyn, Eddard’s wife gets message from her sister, she informs her that late king is assassinate by his queen. She thinks that Eddard will be in danger if he goes to capital

At night, his son Bran accidentally see Robert’s queen, Cersei and his brother Jaime has affairs. But he spots by them, Jaime push him down the high tower to kill him.