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Helix Season 2 Episode 8 Vade in Pace

Finally they get in the room, but everyone is dead. Michel tells the survivor to kill the CDC and bring Jordan to him.

Alan try to get Jordan out of island, but she wants to find their baby. Michel tells Amy that thinning is done, Amy tells him now she understand and will do her role.

He let her out, he tells her that he will make ritual for them. But Landry and his men comes and grab him out of her. She said plan changed now.

Alan and Jordan get in the room and found the dead, as soon as Peter see Alan he attack him. Kyle try to stop them, then soldier get in with captain. She tells them the disease is spreading, now she wants to quarantine the island.

They wants to takes all of them on board to help stop the disease, Amy takes Michel to the Abby.

Jordan tells Kyle about her immortal, he is not believe her. She try to prove him that she is, then they heard the gunfire.

Solider is shooting at infected man, Alan try to stop them. They check one of them and found it’s one that Jordan shots few days ago. Captain now panic and wants to get out ASAP. They tell her that they need to check them, they might lead them to cure.

Captain is convinces and tell them to hurry, Amy locks Michel in the prison. He dared her to kill him, he said armies try to kill him and failed.

She cements him in the prison for many layers, he yelled out loud but they didn’t hear him anymore.

30 years in future, Julia arrives at the mansion. She heard the knocking near by, Julia following the noise until she found the prison. She found Michel.

Kyle and Alan make autopsy, they found something that it seem a treatment. Captain disagree and wants to leave, Alan tells them that this is may lead to cure.

Alan wants to leave, Jordan begs him to stay so he can stop ilaria and she can find her child. He is agreed.

Julia asks him about child that carried stem cell that can cure them, he said he can show her. He tricks her to the cliff and push her down, Celeb shows up and cut his head off.

Alan, Kyle and solider goes out to find more cure in wood. Jordan goes to ask Amy about her child, she shows her a child. She said that she will return her if she gives her immortality.