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Lights Out (2016)

Paul’s family has problem, his wife is not well. One night his son tells him about his wife’s problem. That night one of his employee turn off the light, she spots someone in back room but when she turn on it’s disappear. She freaks out and try to warn Paul but he won’t listen.

Before he leaves he goes to check at back room, he spots someone. She disappears when light is on, but she attacks him. He run to the other room, but when light is off he is attacked by her.

One night Paul’s son, Martin spots someone in his mother’s room when the light is out. That night he can’t sleep, next day at school he asks to see Rebecca, his sister because he fells asleep in homeroom.

She takes him back to house seem he doesn’t want to to, he tells him about Diana. She try to tell her mother to see therapist but she won’t. She tells him that Martin want to stay with Rebecca, her mother is upset.

That night Rebecaa spots someone in her room when lights is out, she attacks her as soon she see her. But lights is on and she disappear.

Next day she found what she wrote last night, her name “Diana”. She remembered what happen in her childhood.

She call her boyfriend and go to her mother’s house, she is looking for her mother. She found the record of Diana, Diana shows up and warn her to stay away.

Her mother takes Martin back home, she try to introduce him to Diana. But he scared and make Diana upset. He run out to see Rebecca, she tells him about what she found. She thinks if they make her mother’s mind stronger she will gone.

Diana following them to Rebecca’s house and try to scare her, Rebecca decides to go to talk to her mother. She wants to know about Diana but she won’t listen.

They decide to stay there and turn on all lights, when she goes to see her mother. She signals her that she wants the help.

That night all lights in house are out, Rebecca found that Bret is missing. She is looking for him, Martin wakes up and found Rebecca is missing. He is looking for her with his candle. He spots Diana and she try to capture him but he escapes to her.

Diana locks them in basement and try to attack Bret, he escapes to his car and out. Rebecca and Martin try to find more lights, Sophie try to stop Diana but she knocks her down.

While Rebecca looking for more thing to keep fire on, she found out Diana. They try to call for her mother, then she heard the police’s car. Bret try to warns them about light but they won’t listen.

They unlock them out the basement but they both are attacked. Bret shows up and take Martin out, Rebecca try to get her mother.

But Diana attacks her, Sophie shows up and help her by kill herself after she found that Diana kill Rebecca’s father.