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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11

The Magnificent Eight

Rip and them jump to 1871, he tells them that here time master will hard to find them. They decide to wander around in this wild west.

As soon they enter the town, they are spot. They try to keep out the trouble, but at last they make the trouble and fight. They meet Jonah Hex, he knows Rip.

He goes to meet him, he tells them about gang. They want to help the gang but Rip afraid that it will notices the time master.

Ray and Hex found that sheriff flee the town, he appoints him as the new sheriff. Stein meets family that her son sick.

After that gang shows up, Ray talks with Stillwater and chase them out. Hex tells them that what they did is not help the town, they found out what happen about same town.

Ray and Hex found whereabouts Stillwater, they head to there. They attack his camp, they get stillwater but Jax is captured.

Rip decides to fight with Stillwater one by one, if they win they will get Jax back but if they lose Stillwater will release.

After draw, Rip win Stillwater. But Timemaster’s hunters show up. They fight with them, one of them tell Mike that timemaster activate omega’s protocol. After they knock all of them down, they are leaving them.

Micky tells them about Omega protocol, they will send Pilgrim to after their past.