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Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

In 1874, Alice’s ship is cornered by Malay’s pirate to the reef. She commands her crew to flip her ship to avoid the reef, with her decision they go through the reef and escape from pirate. She bring everyone home safety.

In 1875, after back to London Alice found that Lord Ascot pass away. He made Hamish as successor. Alice wants to see him about her next journey.

But she didn’t get much welcome, they tell her there no next journey. She found that her mother sold her share, house and ship to them.

Alice is so upset, she wanders around the mansion and then she meets Absolem. She is following him into the room. She see it flying into the glass, she found that she can go in too.

When someone is at the door, she has no choice then get in the mirror. She end up in the big room, she down to the chess board and accidentally knock the eggman down the floor.

Alice fells down from door to the ground near tea party, they tell her about hatter’s problem. They want her to help him, one of them tell her about what happen. They think to see her might help him back.

Alice goes to see him, he tells her about his family. He thinks that his family might be alive, he asks her to bring his family back. But when she tells him it’s impossible, hatter upset and kick her out.

She tells them that he might dying, one of them tell her about way to get his family back by travel back in time.

They tell her about the chronosphere, only she can use it. She decides to do it, they tell her to get it from time master.

She heads to time castle, she found time master. She found what he did. She tells him what she wants, but he refused. During the way go back, she found that queen is there to see time master. She also wants to get chronosphere.

Alice gets chance to find chronosphere, when she gets it time master found out about it and head to her. Alice use it to travel back into time flow.

Time’s master is dying without chronosphere, he is going after her. While Alice found the right time, time master attack her. She land in the wrong time in past, she found past Hatter.

There is a heir’s celebration for queen of heart, but her ceremony went wrong. She is very upset, she upset her father. He appoints Miranda as new heir, hatter’s father also complain to him. He upsets and leave home.

Alice try to convince him back, but he won’t believe. She try to warns his family instead but she found the other way to stop it.

Time’s master also land in the past after Alice left, he shows up to hatter’s tea party. All of them play him, he upsets at them. He casts them to have tea time forever.

Alice goes back to more past, she found the hatter’s child. He takes her to her father’s shop. But Alice try to stop queen of heart from big head but she failed.

Alice found that hatter’s family still alive, but time master shows up. Alice escapes by go in the mirror. She wakes up and found that she is in institute, she has chances and escape back to the Hamish’s mansion.

She use chronosphere and back to day that hatter lost his family, Alice found them alive but when he try to rescue them but they are taken by queen of heart.

She rush back to tell hatter about it, but he almost dead. Alice tells him and wake him up, hatter wakes up and found out about red queen. He decides to rescue them.

Alice and friends head to red queen’s castle, hatter and Alice found their family in ants nest. But it’s a trap, red queen seize the chronosphere from Alice.

Red queen takes Mirana with her and go back in past, time master warns them not to allow her to see herself. After she lefts, her guards release them out.

Alice are going to stop her, but they come too late red queen see herself and broken the past.  Alice rescue them and get back the time castle, she put chronosphere back in time successfully.

Mirana help hatter’s family back to normal, Mirana and red queen make their understand and forgive each other.

Alice goes back to the mirror to real world.