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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10


Rip try convinces Mick┬ábut he won’t believe him, after that their ship arrived at 2147. They are here to check what make Savage get his power.

Rip pass the security to stockholder’s meeting. Savage also there in the meeting, after meeting he following him. He found that the next ruler is his student, Per Degaton.

Snart thinks that what they should do is killed Per Degaton before Savage kill him by himself and get his power.

They thinks it’s not good way to do similar as Savage, instead they will kidnapped him instead. While Ray and other will destroy his technology before he used it.

Sara, Rip and Snart kidnapped Per Degaton, while Roy, Jax and┬áStein found that Roy’s hierarchy build the robot for Savage.

But they found that kidnapped Per Degaton doesn’t effect the future, they decide to talk to the boy instead of kill him.

Salvage tells Degaton’s father that he knows who kidnapped his son, they are weak and will not harm him.

But they found that Rip takes Per out with him, Sara thinks he wants to kill him. Rip takes Per out and tell him about his family. He tells him that Savage will betrayed him.

After that Degaton and Savage shows up and attack them, Ray success to disable the robots. But Savage captured Sara, they want to exchange Per and Sara.

But after this, it makes Salvage as successor earlier. Mick tells them that even he decided to be with them, time master already sent the hunter after them.