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Ghostbusters (2016)

A guide is introduce the haunted house of Sir Aldridge to visitors, during the visit there are a little trick to fake the visitor. But at night that guide is attacked by ghost.

Erin is preparing for teach in university, a man comes to see her about her ghost’s book. She is almost fired by her boss to discover about her ghost’s book. She found out that her friend Abby is the one who post her book on internet.

Erin goes to see her and holtzmann, after they found out about that man. They head to Aldridge’s mansion, during checking they found basement’s door opened and see ghost.

After that Erin is fired after the recording about ghost are publish, she, Abby and Holtzmann decides to start their company.

Patty is the tracking officer, one day she found someone walk down the track. She following him down there and see the ghost, she run.

Rowan is the waiter at hotel, he created the device to break barrier and take ghost out of vortex.

Kevin shows up to make interview, they hire him even he is strange. Then Patty shows up, she tells them about ghost she met. She leads them to see where she saw. They found her ghost, they try to capture it but failed.

Next day Patty shows up and want to join them, Abby and Holtzmann upgrade their device to be able to capture them. Also their ghost video is released to public but nobody believe them, yet name them ghostbusters.

They receive call from theater about ghost, they go there as their first mission. The manager explain them about what happen, they go there to check.

One of the doll starts chasing Patty, she takes it to them. They almost catch it but it escape to the stage, they following it up. It starts to attack the singer on stage, they attack it and capture it.

They become famous after this event, then Dr. Heiss shows up. He thinks they are fake, they are upset. Erin decides to show it to him, she lets it out. It throws him out of window.

While police questions them, mayor’s men shows up and take them to see mayor. He warns them about thing they did and want them to stop. They will announce them as frauds to stop the panic.

They notice that someone try to create vortex to crash the earth. They notice the next place that it will be, the mercado.

They go there to hotel’s basement, they found the big machine to create vortex. They try to convince that Rowan, but he won’t listen. He killed himself, after police come his spirit shows up and get into Abby.

Patty and Holtz get him out of her, but he goes into Kevin stead. He goes back to continue his machine. The ghost get out from the vortex, Erin try to warn mayor but they won’t listen.

Abby and other try to stop ghost but they are too many, Erin shows up and safe them. They go to the center and found kevin, he commands all ghost to attack them.

They take them down and go in the building, they found Rowan. He release Kevin and transform to giant ghost.

They create the giant ghost’s trap to get all small ghost, but for Rowen is too big. They try to weaken him, he is weaker but before he enter portal. He grabbed Abby with him, Erin jump in the portal to get Abby.

Patty and Holtz pull they out before portal close.