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Arrow Season 4 Episode 18


Andy tells John about HIVE, he tells him that they found him and he wants to flee. John tells them about plan, Oliver worried that Malcom will come back for idol.

Andy tells them about Malcom’s plan, Oliver and John go to stake out and waiting for him. But Malcom shows up with his men, he wants them to hand him idol. Thea and Laureli try to stop them. But Malcom gets it.

Malcom’s men show up try to hijack military’s truck. Oliver found Andy there, he thinks it’s too easy. But after they back it’s too late, Oliver suspects Andy.

Andy tells them about whereabouts Malcom, they rush to there but they fell in trap. Andy get the arrow for Oliver. Malcom gives him idol but Darhk found that the stone is missing, he tells him to get it back. John tells Andy that he is the one who hide the stone.

Oliver found Andy try to looking for something, Oliver thinks that he working with Malcom. But John shows up and he doesn’t believe him.

Darhk and his men break out the prison and hostage guard, Oliver and team rush to there to stop Darhk.

John takes Andy with him, he tells them that he wants to prove that he can be trust. Thea and Laureli found Malcom, but she lost to him.

They found that Andy is betrayed them, he handed him the stone. Thea shows up and help them.

Darhk gain his power, he knocks them down. He knows that who are they, Darhk attack Laureli. Oliver send her to hospital. She is safe.

But after she met all team and say good bye, she dead. Lance shows up after that and found she is gone.