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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 1

Year of the Monkey

Ramse is arrest by 12 monkeys army, but actually is his plan. While he distracts her, Cole set up the bomb. they ask her for virus, but she also has more men coming. They have to flee.

Cole thinks that Ramse must be tracked by them that’s why they are made, he tells him he will find the way yo remove .it

Cassie is sent to 2043 to Jones, she tells her about Cole and Ramse. Jones tells her about the messengers.

Deacon shows up and wants Jones to send one of them to the time, But sending is failed, they found that she locked the machine. They threaten to kill Cassie if she doesn’t unlock the machine. But before she did, one of them unlock the machine and send new one to the time.

Cole goes to see Kalman, he tells him about Ramse. He agrees to help him, Cassie try to convinces Deacon to help her get out. But he doesn’t.

Kalman tricks them and make Ramse paralyse, he plans to exchange him for virus’s protection. He goes out to get Cole, but Cole gets him.

Deacon decides to help Cassie, they break out and gathering West 7 in. Ramse tells Cole about virus with Jennifer at New york.

Today Jennifer shows upon street, she has virus with her. She is not well and she try to asks someone to kill her but he won’t. She leaves.

Deacon and them plan to overload the machine and kill everyone in room, Jones still alive but one of the messengers try to kill her. Deacon and Cassie shows up help her. She tells them that she can rebuilt it.

Cole found Jennifer, he try to stop her. she is happy when she found that he is going to stop her. But then the witness’s men shows up,

Before they kill him, Cassie shows up and help them. She try to kill Jennifer but he won’t allow.