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Train to Busan (2016)

A truck’s driver comes at the inspection’s gate for animal control, he complains to them that they are wasting his time. After that he ran on deer, while he try to reach his phone. He thinks that it’s OK and goes on, after that deer becomes zombie.

Soo-an’s father is the stock’s broker, today he goes to visit his daughter’s birthday, Soo-an. He promised her to take her to Busan to see her mother, but he can’t do it now so she is upset.

That night he decides to take her to Busan, but on the way he found emergency cars pass by. He spots that there is a building on fire near by.

At train station, basketball team are they to training camp. train’s staff preparing their work. Her father and Soo-an also arrive at train, the last minute before train leave. The last passenger comes through the train, she is injures and infected.

After train leaving, one of passenger tells train’s staff about suspicious passenger. Train’s staff goes to check in lavatory, he talks about everyone is dead.

The last passenger infected and start to change, one of staff found her and get infected. Soo-an gets up to find the lavatory.

Soo-an’s father wakes up and found that Soo-an is missing, he also see the news about infected but he didn’t get suspicious. He goes out to find her.

That girl starts to attack the basketball team, while train’s staff start to attack the other passenger. Train’s staff start to evacuate the passenger from that car.

Her father is looking for Soo-an, while Soo-an see a lot of people running pass her. People start to get attacked by them and they start to chasing them. He found Soo-an, he grabs her and start running.

They are safe for now, then driver tells them that they won’t stop the train. They don’t want to risk get infected there.

After that Soo-an’s father gets the phone from his mother, seem she is infected and dead. When they are passing the station, they see zombie attack the people. Then train’s driver tell them that they will stop at Daejeon, and there will be military inspection.

After train stop at Daejeon, there is nobody. passenger decide to get off. One of passenger found that only Busan might be safe, but train’s driver want to take other too but he wants to check at station first.

After he get inner information, Soo-an’s father takes Soo-an to other way, while passengers after get out the station, they spot the solider’s zombies. They rush back to the train, her father and Soo-an also notices them. He rush back to her. She is help by some couple, while baseball team and other try to blockage the door.

Some passengers open the wrong door and let zombies out of train, while some of zombie get down from station on train.

The train starts to leave, Soo-an’s father and the other still not yet on train. but they try to catch the train and finally get on. Now Train is running to Busan, while them and other few passenger are stuck in the other car.

They plan to pass through the zombie’s cars to their family, they success but the other passenger think that they are infected. They shove them to another car, one of them gone mad and let them in and kill them all.

Train finally arrive at Busan, but they are blocked before reach the station. They have to change the train, but the zombies are out of train and attack to them.

After the train’s driver start new train, he is killed, the rest of them try to get on running train. But zombie try to slow down the train, Soo-an’s father decides to sacrifice himself to make his daughter safe.

The train stops again because blockage on the bridge, they walk by foot until the military’s bunker. They are safe by soldiers.