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Wynonna Earp Season 1 Episode 2

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Wynonna is sent to the club to take care Demon,Dolls gives her government gun. She get him but the gun won’t kill him and he can escape.

Next day Dolls take Wynonna to train her, he tells her to make secretly and not shows to public otherwise it will has consequent.

One demon shows up and try to grab her gun but when he grabbed it, it’s burn his hand. Wynonna takes that chance to kill him.

Nicole shows up to Waverly one day, she try to get contact her. Another day Hank shows up at Waverly’s club.

Wynonna meets Hank while he breaks into Waverly’s apartment, she try to shoot him but he shots back faster.

Hank and Levi, goes to invite Jim Miller but he accidentally mark Waverly instead of Wynonna.

Wynonna found that it’s dark early, then they found Miller. He is after them, Waverly tells her that she is the one who buried the talisman. But Wynonna shoots him dead. After Waverly found the talisman it throws Levi out of land.

Hank shows up to help them fixed the fence, Wynonna feels that he is one of the bad guy.

Bobo is the boss of revenants, he tells Hank that he will give the woman that he wants exchange for his help.