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The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

In New York, Max is a dog lives with Katie. She picked him from street since he was baby, they live together Max always wonder while Katie leaves.

His friends lives around his house, they all have their secret activities after their boss left. Until one day Katie bring Duke back with her, he turns out to be his nightmare. He is bullies, he takes his blanket and his place.

Max goes to get help to Chloe, his friend. She tells him to be alpha. Max threaten him after he breaks Katies’s vase and make him under control. Duke try to get him back, he drags him all over city.

They end up at Cat’s territory, they have fight and lost their collar. Then Animal control shows up and catch them out.

One of his friend, Gloria notices that Max is missing. She goes to get help from friend to find him. During the transportation to pound, Animal control’s car is attacked by Ripper’s boss. He comes to help his man, they hijack the car along with Max and Duke.

They are flush pets, they hate human try to revenge the people. Max and Duke ask them to help and take them out with them.

Gloria try to find Max, she gets help from Tiberius, the eagle. She promises him if he can find Max, she will become his friend.

Max and Duke following rabbit to sewer, Tiberius takes the cat that had fight with Duke to see Gloria. He tells her about Animal control.

But after they found that Max and Duke is pet, they try to catch them. Then they accidentally kill one of them, so they go after them.

They rush out sewer and get through out to the sea, both of them catch the boat and head to Brooklyn.

Gloria and friends go to see Pops, he knows thing around. After he see Chloe he agrees to help them. He shows them the way to sewer.

While Max and Duke following the sausage’s smell to the factory, they eat a lot there. Gloria and friends arrive at sewer, they found that they are looking for Max. Gloria upsets and tell them she knows Max.

They chase after them, one of them is captured by them. While Max and Duke realize that they are near old Duke’s owner’s home. They decide to go to see his old owner.

They finally found Duke’s owner’s house, but they found his owner’s dead. Duke upset, while Max leaving. He is catch by Animal control, Duke help him out and get captured instead.

Max following them but the rabbit’s gang also found him. During fight Rabbit’s men are captured by animal control, Max and rabbit join force and stop them.

But Snowball’s men found them but they misunderstand that Max kill him, while they are surrounded by them. Gidget and friends shows up and help him out, the Duke’s car is falling down the river.

Max gets in try to help him out, but both of them falling down the river. Snowball jumps down to help them up.