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Wynonna Earp Season 1 Episode 1


While Wynonna’s bus is heading to Wyatt Earp, tires is break down. One of passenger gets down to pee, then they heard her scream. They all wants to abandon her, Wynonna decides to find her.

She found that passenger is killed, they are attacking her. But suddenly she feel the power in her, she killed one of them.

After Wynonna arrive at her uncle’s funeral. she found that one of the boy in village also dead. She thought that he might be one that she killed.

At wood, Dolls is checking that passenger’s body. he found the key drop down there too. Wynonna goes in the bar, she asked around what happen to her uncle. He tells her that he is killed on her land.

Waverly shows up and tells her that she need that gun, then Dolls shows up and question Wynonna what happen. He seems know about what happen.

Wynonna goes back to her house, she remembered what happen before to her sister. She thinks she need that gun. Malcome is near by and found her plan.

She gets her gun, but Dolls shows up and he wants to recruit her. He threaten her to recruit Waverly instead, she upset.

She try to use the gun but her shooting is so bad, someone climb up from the well that she took the gun.

Wynonna try to convinces Waverly to keep out from this, but she won’t. She tells her to leave with her.

At night in bar, Wynonna found Wyatt but she doesn’t knows him. Next day before leave, she found that Gus injured, she tells her that they take Waverly.

After she takes her to hospital, Dolls tell her that he knows that Waverly is taken by demons. He tells her that Waverly is dead.

Wynonna goes to get Waverly back, she meets Malcome. They tell her that they kill Curtis to lure her back.

They want to get her gun without release Waverly, Wynonna detonate and kill one of them. She grab her gun and shoot the rest, but she is ambush. But Dolls shows up and rescue them.

After that Dolls recruit her in the team.