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Jason Bourne (2016)

At near Greece’s border, Jason is on fighting with Russian’s fighter. In Iceland, the group of hackers gathering to do hacking. Nicky is also there to check about Threadstone’s project.

At CIA, Lee gets alert that someone use their device to access their file. They response back by put the malware and shutdown the electricity, she destroy that computer before leave. Lee found from her trace that’s Nicky.

Dewey get called from CIA about the hack, they have meeting how to handle it. Dewey decided to get rid Jason, Lee convinces Dewey that she can do it to get Nicky and Jason.

Dewey send his man to Athens where Jason is, that night Jason notices Nicky nearby. They have meeting that night, but CIA already on Nicky.

Jason found her and she tells him about new program “Iron hand”, she try to convinces him to help her. She tells him about file. Jason meets with Nicky later after take her tracking out. But CIA try to get Nicky again, Jason rush to help her but the CIA’s man shows up and after them.

During escape, Nicky is shot by sniper and killed. Before die she gives him her locker’s key, he found her usb and clues there.

After Aaron announce about his new platform, he goes to see Dewey. But he starts to freak out and wants out, they want to put back door in his platform to spy people. Aaron doesn’t want to agree.

Jason following her’s clue to Berlin, he asks someone to open it. Lee gets notice that it’s opening, CIA send their team to there. They deleted the files remotely while Lee try to buy time for CIA’s team.

Lee try to convince CIA to get Jason back in program, she wants to contact him and convince him. But Dewey doesn’t like the idea.

Next day Aaron get notice declaration from state about his finance, he thinks it’s because he refused Dewey.

Jason make meeting with company’s CEO, Smith that make surveillance on him,  Dewey also his plan to Jason, they tail on CEO to Jason which work with Dewey. They use him to lure Jason out, Lee found that Dewey sabotage her operation. He try to tell her that all her team dead because of Jason.

But Jason knows about it and get to Smith, he try to ask the answer but Dewey tell him not to. finally Smith tells him about his father to threaten the program. Then Dewey’s man shows up, Jason remember his face. He was the one who kill his father.

Jason goes to see Lee, she tells him about Dewey and Aaron at Vegas. She wants Dewey gone, they agree to meet at Vegas.

Dewey plans to kill Aaron during stage, Jason tells Lee to plant tracking device on Dewey. At stage, Aaron start to speaks on stage, Dewey notices that Lee help Jason in. He tells his man to kill Aaron and Lee.

Jason barge in and stop him, Aaron injured but alive. Jason found out that Dewey still in building, he heads up to see him. Jason gets hit by Dewey’s man, while he is killing him Lee shows up and kill Dewey.

While leaving Jason spots man who kill his father, he following him to the casino. Jason found him and kill him.