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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 17

I Went to the Woods

Stefan wakes up in the middle of road, he found the accident the bus is on fire. He try to get in to help victims out. After that EMT and police shows up, he doesn’t remember his name.

Damon and Valarie found the sword but stone is gone, Damon tells her that Stefan is not dead, he wants her to find Stefan.

Rayna tells Matt that after stone is destroyed they will all freed. Their soul will scattered to body they found, Damon found that Stefan is walking on the road.

Stefan found that he is not in his body, Alaric found Valarie and Rayna. She wants him to help find Stefan, Rayna tells them that they should find all of them. She put down all the worst vampire in the stone.

Stefan escapes from the sheriff, he wandered to the wood and found the abandon house.

Damon found from Alraric that if Stefan is in the human body, he will be lives for 3 days. They are looking for him.

After they found the news, Valarie figure out where is him. They tells Damon to get to him, but on the way Stefan body get escape.

After Rayna found that he head to Memphis, she tells them they need to get him ASAP. They won’t agree so she escape out.

Damon rush to there and found that Stefan is out there in the wood, finally Damon found the clue about Stefan. Damon found him.

Valarie and Alaric found Stefan’s body, after that he tells her about serial killer that kill the student in campus.