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X-Men Apocalypse (2016)

3600 BCE in Egypt, Nur is going to transfer his body to new body that can heal itself. But there is a rebellion, they lock all of Nur’s men under pyramid.

After that years Scott starts to have change to mutant, his eye fire the ray.
Tonight wingman and nightcrawler fight in the cage, Mystic is there and see them. She help them escape out there.In Poland, Magneto works as worker in factory, he has a nice family.

Scott is send to Xavier’s school by his family, at Egypt Moria following men from Nur’s worship. She found the secret path to underground. She found Nur’s tomb down there, she accidentally rise up him.

That night Jean notice about him, she has nightmare about end of the world. Hank tells him that Jean might react what happen, Charles use his power to check the source of it. He found Moira there but he has no clue.

During the tremor, Magneto helps one of his colleague from death. Once he back home, he tells his family to move. But he found that his daughter is missing, they found that she is captured by police. They arrest him, Nina upset and call animal attack them. But during that time they are killed by police, he is upset and kill them all.

While Nur walks in town, he see Apollo and help her from people and kill them all. She takes him to her place and explain him about world, he makes her Aphrodite.
Charles goes to see Moira to ask her about Egypt, she tells them about Nur the 1st mutant.

Mystique goes back to Xavier’s school with Nightcrawler, she thinks that Magneto might in trouble. While Nur goes out to recruit all mutants, Magneto goes to revenge his family at his work place.

But Nur shows up and recruit him, Peter wants to after Magneto. Mystique tells Charles about Magneto, she wants him to find him before world do. He found him and Nur, he found Charles and control him.

He controls people to fire the nuke, Hank try to stop it. They destroy celebro, Nur shows up at Xavier’s and take Charles out. Alex Try to help Charles by fire his power, but they escape. His power destroy entire school. But Peter shows up and help all of them out the school safety.

But Alex is dead, then Colonel Stryker shows up and take Mystique, Hank, Peter and Moira out. Jean, Kurt and Alex try to following them but trap there too. They are taken to secret base.

Nur tells Charles about his plan, they try to convince him to help. Peter tells Mystique that Magneto is his father, he is looking for him. Nur use Charles to send his message to people in world. Chalres get that chance to send message to Jean.

Jean and them found the place where they lock Wolverine, they let him out. He starts to kill all soldiers there, Jean calms down Wolverine and help him remember and let him escape.
Alex and them get out and head to help Charles, Nur destroy the city and create his pyramid. He asks Magneto to destroy the world, then he is going to take Charles’s power by merge with him.

They split to help Charles and stop Magneto, Mystique and Peter try to convince him to stop. Kurt take Charles out before Nur complete, they barely escape. Mystique convinces Magneto to switch.

Peter try to beat Nur but he is failed, Mystique try to help but she failed. They prevent Charles to see Nur, he goes to see him in his mind. They fighting in his mind, but he lose. While Nur heading to Charles, Magneto shows up to stop him. Scott help him attack, while Charles is losing.

Jean gets in his mind to help, she unleash her power and destroy Nur. After that they rebuild the Xavier’s school and start to train X-men.