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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 16

Days of Future Past

Damon try to convince Stefan to give him the mark, Stefan tells them to get to Valarie she can make spell. Damon and Stefan trick Rayna and escape with sword. Damon try to kill Rayna but both of them are knocked down.

3 years ago, Valarie and Stefan decides to travel around world to find how to remove his mark.

Alex release Nora to help her find Enzo, she poisoned Mary to force Nora work for her. Matt is captured by Enzo.

Damon wakes up and found Rayna, she reminds him that if he or she died now. He will never see Elena again.

Rayna tells Stefan not to run from her, she tells him that she knows where is him and she starts to have feeling for him. He split her by throw out her sword another way, he tells Damon about it. He tells him to head to him, Armory is heading to them too.

Nora found Enzo, but she failed to get him. He try to use armory’s pill on her, but she tells him that it’s poison. He tells her that they need to work together.

Enzo and Damon plan together to send Rayna to Armory, so they can get what they want.

Damon knocks down Valarie after she help him, Nora takes Alex to see Enzo. But she tells them that she has no antidote.

Valarie wakes up and found Damon, he tells her that he knows that she has spell that can help Stefan. But she won’t, Rayna gets Stefan. Valarie tells him that they have no time, Damon decides to get in.

She cast spell and transfer his mark to Damon, Rayna tells Stefan that the stone try to tell him to let Damon goes. He said he did, Rayna stab him. After that she goes after Mary and Nora.

Damon and Valarie found that Stefan is dead and sword is gone, Mary found that Nora is marked. She casts spell to transfer the mark to herself, but she doesn’t want. Instead they destroy the sword.