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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows (2016)

Tonight TMNT’s team goes out to see the basket ball play, but they see the news talk about the Falcon, camera guy who take down Shredder. That night April goes to hack Baxter, he has some relationship with Shredder.

From Baxter’s data, she found that the foot clan plan to get Shredder out, they are heading there to stop them.

But Shredder’s men shows up and knock down the police’s car, while they are getting him out. TMNT shows up and try to stop them, but Baxtor teleport him out.

Shredder is teleport to Krang, he tells him about plan to send his army to earth. He wants him to collect pieces that he sent earlier to create portal.

One of police, Jones survives from the last night attack. Other polices won’t believes what he said about TMNT, he decides to after them. He found 2 of criminals that escape with Shredder’s last night, Shredder hired them to work with him.

April try to infiltrate in Baxter’s office, Shredder gives Baxter the serum from Krang to create powerful solider. Shredder put it in 2 criminals, they turn into rhino and warthog. She gets chance and steal the rest of serum from him.

She is chased by Shredder’s men, Jones shows up and help her before TMNT shows up. But she lost serum, it taken by police. Shredder knows about it and plan to get it back, he will team to get the Krang’s part.

Donnie found out that serum can turn them to human, Leo tells him not to tell other one but Mike overheard of it and tells Ralph about it, he confronts Leo about it, Mike and Ralph decides to get the serum.

Ralph and Mike tell Jones and April that Donnie wants more serum, they have to get it from police head quaters. April goes to see Vern to use his city key to get in police station.

With Vern’s help, they sneak in. But too late Shredder’s men show up and take serum, they chasing after them.

Mike and Raplh decides to reveal themselves to stop them but police think that they are monster, April and Jones shows up and make them escape.

They found that Shredder’s men head to Brazil, but they are too late. Shredder’s men already on the way back, they decide to jump down from plane to get on their plane.

They found the last piece on plane and Shredder’s men, they fight and crash the plane. They all land in river but Shredder’s following and get the last piece.

Shredder and Baxter put all pieces together and open the portal, people start to see the army of Krang get in city.

Donnie thinks that only them can near portal and stop them, but they are hunted by police. But if they sip the serum they can look like human and get in, but Mike decides not to use it.

They surface and explain to police, with Vern’s help they work with police to stop Crang. Shredder is betrayed by Crang and locked up.

While Jones, Vern and April sneak in building to stop portal, TMNT goes to stop Crang from assembly the ship. They knock down Crang, but ship still start firing. Jones and them stop the portal and send back the ship and they safe city.