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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 17

The Burns Cage

Burns and Smithers go to parachute from the plane, but accident happen Smithers almost lost him. After rescue him he try to confess but Burns tells him first that he means nothing to him.

Lisa enters the school show too, Milhouse found her did that and he also want to enter it. But Jack shows up and he get the part with Lisa instead.

Smithers upset and then he try to push it to Homer and his friends, they decide to find someone to cheer up Smithers. Marge decide to invites all of them and let him choose.

Bart tells Milhouse how to help him, what if he is beaten by bullies. They hired bullies to get rid of him but they failed.

Smithers found someone at the party, they spent a lot of time together and he is very happy. Next day Smithers tells Burns that he wants to quit, next day Burns hired new assistant but she doesn’t do what he wants. His men tells him to get Smithers back to fix his problem.

New Smithers’s boyfriend takes him to go Cuba with him, but after a while Smithers stills keep thinks about burns. Finally they broke up, Smithers goes back to Burns.