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The Shallows (2016)

One day a boy found the head’s video recorder of victim from the beach, before that not long Nancy comes with her driver, Charlie to her mother’s beach. At first she has meeting with her friend at beach but her friend ditch her.

She comes to this beach to surf, she see several players around there. She has a great time there with them, she stays late alone to catch the last wave. During the waiting she feels something beneath her. She found they are dolphin, she is following them and found body of dead whale.

During the way she coming back to beach, she is hit by shark. It bites at her leg, she escaping it back to the the whale’s body. She try to gets help from other surf, but they didn’t notice her and leave her alone.

She escapes it to the small island there, she seizures her wound with her earrings. She is waiting there until dark, she starting to get cold.

After sleep a while, Nancy wakes up and though that shark is gone. She try to get her surf board, but she found that it still for waiting her there. She back to island safety, she spots a drunk guy one the beach. She try to get his help, but he steals from her instead.

Then he saw her surf’s board, she try to warn her that there is a shark. But he didn’t listen, he is killed.

Next day yesterday surfers show up, she try to warn them but too late. They are killed by shark, she try to warn them but they won’t believe.

The tide is going up, Nancy try to figure out how to escape from the island. She notices the camera from one of surfer, she try to get it. She try to get to the buoy, she gets chance when shark avoid the jelly fish. She swims out to the buoy.

Shark try to attack her, she fells in to it. She attack it with metal piece, she success get to it safety. She spots the ship, she try to signal it with buoy. She found flare gun, she fired it but seem not work.

Then a boy found the video from surfer’s camera, after he see the video he rush out. Shark try to attack buoy, it take down buoy. during attack its mouth stuck to the buoy.

Nancy thinks of plan to get rid it, she cut down the buoy and dive to sea’s bottom. Share try to following her down the sea, she avoid it and make it killed by buoy stand.

That boy is Caros’s son, he leads him to the beach. He see the body on beach and found her in the water and get her out.

After that 1 year in texas, Nancy decides to surf again.