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The Original Season 3 Episode 17

Behind the Black Horizon

Lucient and Vincent take Freya to the wood, he tells them he made the deal with his ancestor. He tells them he wants to change to the same as the original with upgrade.

Davina and Kol go to see Vincent, but she found his message about their new problem. He tells them about Freya. They go to see Elijah and them, he wants them trace them.

Lucien gives spell to Vincent, he and his ancestor forced him to do spell to create original.

Davina found that they might be in Mystic Falls, Finn and Elijah heads to there while Kol and Davina try to pin point the connection between Finn and Vincent.

Klaus and Hayley are checking each Lucien’s building for clue, but they run into the ambush. They found that Lucien make the experiment on wolves and vampires.

Lucien finish the spell, Vincent try to stop him but his ancestor knock him down. Frey try to stop him, Elijah and Finn shows up. They get Freya out but Lucien already takes the blood.

Freya try to warn them but Lucien wakes up, he becomes powerful and knock Elijah and bite Finn. Freya create spell and chase him out.

Kol can’t control himself again, he is upset at Davina. Klaus heads back to help them, Hayley found about Lucien’s experiment about werewolves venom.

After Klaus gets his blood to help Finn, but his blood not work. He dead before they can help him.

Vincent and Davina decide to get rid of their Ancestor. Hayley tells them about what she found, they think he will give another dose to Aurora. They found that she’s gone.