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Central Intelligence (2016)

20 years ago, at school Robbie was the weird kid. He is always beaten by the other kid, the other hand Calvin is the famous student. At graduate class, Calvin save him from the embarrassment at front of everyone.

In present day, Calvin works as accountant in computer software. His job is not so great. One day his wife asks him to be with her at reunion. He doesn’t want to go to embarrassment.

One day he accidentally make the meeting with Robbie to avoid his wife’s planing. He goes to see him at bar, he didn’t see old Robbie but huge handsome guy.

At bar they have some problem with people, Robbie knocks them down.Calvin is very impressed. After that they ride on Robbie’s bike to his school.

Before they part, Calvin tells Robbie that he will do anything for him. Robbie tells him about his problem and he really want to help. They found the bid site with international bidder, that night Robbie stays with him.

Next morning CIA shows up at door asking for Robbie, Calvin is informed that Robbie is wanted man. They following him to his office to use him as bait, but Bobbie shows up to him. They both escape out the office.

Bobbie explains to Calvin what happen, he explains him about bidder and stolen satellite. He tells him about contractor that CIA will sent to them, then they get attack by one of CIA’s man.

CIA gets Calvin, they tell him that Bobbie is the bad guy. Calvin goes to see therapist with his wife, instead he meet Bobbie. He convinces him to help him find the winner from his transaction.

But they are captured by CIA, they threat Calvin with his wife. Calvin betray him and make him sad. Calvin decides to help him back, they both escape from base.

From transaction code, they found the place the winner will be, they steal a plane and head to Boston. Bobbie infiltrates the meeting, but his dead partner show up. Seem he is the real guy.

CIA shows up and start to shooting, Calvin get chances to get the code and run away. He misunderstand Bobbie too, but then Phil shows up and confess that he is bad guy.

He distract Phil and let Bobbie kill him.