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The Original Season 3 Episode 16

Alone with Everybody

Klaus’s rival keep coming for him, tonight Elijah following one of his and end him. But Marcel and his Strix show up and stop him.

Vincent met a hired vampire, she knocks him down and get his bullet. Josh tells Marcell about auction of bullet. Vincent shows up and confirm to them.

Kol shows up and tell Elijah and Freya about Finn revived, she tells them he might come in peace. Then Finn shows up, they have a family fight.

Marcel and them found the auction and enter it, they win the bidder.  Josh goes to see her as represent, but he is made and get beaten. But Marcel and Vincent show up, they get her, she tells them that now they get in his way. They need to die.

Davina goes to see Finn, she locked him in his body. He is upset and attack her, Kol shows up and help her. Elijah and them show up to stop him.

Elijah tells them that he has bullet, while he wants to destroy it Finn get it back. He doesn’t want to be in his body.

They are hesitate to destroy it, Freya volunteer to keep it. Vincent and Josh try to find out who is the boss of hired vampire, instead he is controlled by him.

Marcel found out that Vincent is switch, he takes the bullet from Freya and kidnapped her. She is kidnapped by Lucien.