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Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (2016)

For centuries the sacred magic of the Divine Crystal divided to people, but it also bring war to land. Lucis kingdom’s king uses magic barrier to protect his city, Niflheim a military empire who use Magitek technology. Niflheim try to attack Lucis but can’t surpass the wall.

King and Prince Noctis of Lucis goes to Tenebrae to find the healing, with welcome of Ravus is the royal of Tenebrae and his family. But after their visit, Niflheim shows up after King Lucis. Ravus’s mother is killed, but King regis escape without help them. After that Tenebrae becomes the opponent of Lucis.

Later that King Lucis create his army, Glavies to fight the war, while empire release the huge daemon to fight the war. During daemon’s attack, Nyx one of solider try to help his friend from monster by isobey his direct order to retreat. But they are safe back to town.

One day counselor from Niflheim shows up to offer peace to King, by exchange with his territory and wedding of the prince and Luna of Tenebrae. His counselor agree to make truce with Niflheim.

After that Crowe is sent to Tenebrae to send the give gift to Luna, princess of Tenebrae, Nynx is sent to Castle guard.

Later Luna is sent to Lucis for wedding with prince, Nynx and his captain go to pick up the princess to castle. She refuses to goes to see the prince because they will following her to him. Nynx is sent to protect her.

Later that they found that Crowe is killed in action, Libertus is very upset. At night before sign ceremony, King of Niflheim and Lucis meet.

Next day Nynx found that princess is missing, he thinks that he knows where is her. He heads to the king. He tells him about prince, he tells him to rescue her and stop the Niflheim.

During mission, Nynx found that’s a trap. He found the princess but it’s Niflheim’s plan to after the crystal. They destroy it, Nynx found that some of Glaives become traitor.

Niflheim’s army start to enter the castle, Nynx try to resuce Luna’s princess from daemon in the ship. Luna tells her that she needs to see the king.

While king lost his ring, Nynx and Luna show up to rescue him out. King asks him to take Luna to his son to save the world. King is killed to get them leave safety.

They try to leave city with the ring, but they are blocking by Niflheim’s solider, but they escape to the meeting point with captain. But it’s a trap, they are after Luna.

Libertus shows up to help Nynx, they found that his captain is Niflheim’s general. While there are attacking them, Nynx decides to take the ring. He pass the ring’s judgement. He knocks his general down, he asks Libertus to escort Luna to prince.

While giant sculler in city come alive and start to attack Niflheim’s fleet and Daemon. They are called might of old wall, Nynx success to get his captain down.