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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 18

Hell’s Angel

Crowley goes to see Noel, he makes a deal with him for contact. HeĀ gives him the horn of Joshua exchange for destroy his contact.

Crowley calls Dean about it, but he doesn’t believe him. He tells him that he has powerful object to end of darkness.

Rowena helpĀ Amara from injured, but she knows who is her. She tells her that she wants to revenge Lucifer. She will help her to fight Lucifer.

Crowley tells Dean and Sam about Horn of Joshua and Rowena, they agree to help him cast Lucifer out and captured him. But they argue over how to handle Amara or Lucifer first.

Lucifer get on heaven, he proposes the way to locked up Amara. They seem have no choice.

Rowena helps to Amara to get back her strength, she tested her power on heaven. They are all panic, Lucifer convinces all angle to work with him.

Rowena didn’t tell Amara what she found about Winchester’s horn of Joshua. They plan to give horn to Lucifer to fight Amara,

Rowena contacts Dean and Sam, Crowley and them plan to capture Lucifer. They summon him and tell him about plan, they try to cast him out. But failed, Crowley decides to get in Cass’s body to get Cass out.

Crowley found Cass and tells him the plan, but Lucifer shows up. He beats him down, he sent the message to Dean and Sam to help. Sam and Dean try to exorcise him.

After Lucifer wakes up, he try to kill Sam and Dean. Amara then shows up, Lucifer used the horn and attack Amara.

But she gets no damage, then she takes away.