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Captain America Civil War (2016)

In 1991 at hydra’s lab, Buggy is experiment here. He is assigned the mission to intercept something back.

In present at Largos Avenger team working on mission and after a terrorist, Rumlow. They found that he plans to attack the institute so they try to stop them.

Natasha, Sam and Wanda help Roger to get in. While Rumlow try to escape, Natasha and Roger try to stop him but they failed. They go after terrorist that steal bio hazard item, while Roger fight with Rumlow. After captured him, he tells him that his buyer is he’s Buggy.

Tony has the lecture at MIT, he approves all fund of students there. He is upset after see Piper’s name, then he meets someone mother that he is killed during avenger’s mission.

Next day Secretary of state department shows up complains them about mission they did and make some people killed. He tells them they need to operate under UN.

At Cleveland, Zemo tricks the Hydra’s colonel and knocks him down. He asks him about mission report from 1991, he found him from SHIELD hydra’s files.

Avenger’s meeting about what Secretary of state propose them, they split their agreements in 2 groups. Roger thinks that if they agree they will lost the rights.

At Vienna, while UN has meeting. Terrorist make attack the meeting and make Black Panther’s father killed by Winter’s solider’s attack.

Roger and Sam are looking for Winter’s solider before the other did, Natasha warns him not involve otherwise it may worse. But he won’t, he following the tail and found him. He tells him that he didn’t do it, while polices show up to get him. Sam and Rogers help him out, but Black panther shows up. He wants to revenge his father, Roger try to stop their fight.

Then … also show up to stop them, polices arrest Buggy, Roger, Sam and ….. They are transfer to Berlin, Sam, Rogers are grounded while Buggy is captured in cell.

Rogers thinks that someone try to frame Buggy to get him out, then there is a outrage. The man who sent to evaluate Buggy try to trigger Buggy’s switch, after Roger shows up. Buggy starts to attack them, while Sam after that guy.

Avengers team try to stop him, but they failed. Roger try to following him but both of them fell into river instead. He knocks Buggy down and captured him, he tells him about what happen to him. He tells him that he is not only one Winter’s soldier and that man wants to know.

In 1991, Buggy intercept 5 Serums. They are injected to 5 peoples, but they are uncontrollable and break out. Buggy tells them that they can be anywhere and he worst than him.

Secretary of State wants to take them in but Tony tells him his team will bring them instead.

Tony go to see Peter, he knows that he is spider-man. He wants to recruit him to work with him. At night Clint shows up and take Wander out, Vision try to stop them but Wanda don’t want. Clint fights with Vision but he fail. Wanda help him out instead. He goes to meets Rogers with Lang, the ant man.

Tony, Rhodey, Black Panther, Natasha, Spiderman show up with Rogers at airport. While Tony try to arrest Bucky, they start to stop them. Spiderman fight with Sam, Natasha fight with Lang, Black Panther fight with Roger. Wander and Clint try to stop Tony, they start to upset.

They face each other again, Roger’s try to make diversion by Ant man growth big and distract them. While Roger and Buggy to leave to get to that man, finally Natasha also decides to help them out by stop Black Panther.

During the fight Rhodey get miss fire from Vision and fell down on ground, he is very bad injured. He is going to paralyze.

Tony found out later that Zemo is behind this, he goes to see the other Avengers . Tony try to break them out, while he gets information where is Roger. While Zemo breaks into the Hydra’s base and found 5 Winter’s solders.

Roger and Bucky head to Hydra’s base, Tony also show up there he tells them they are right. Black Panther also following them there quietly, they found empty tank of Winter’s soldier.

They found Zemo there, he killed all of Solider’s winter. He also admitted that he killed people at Vienna to get them here. He shows them the video that Bucky killed Tony’s parent. Tony upset and fight with Roger and Bucky.

Roger try to stop Tony from kill Bucky, Tony cut Bucky’s arm out. Black Panther goes after Zemo, he tells them what happen to his family. He try to suicide, but Black Panther stop him.

Roger almost kill Tony but he didn’t, he lefts with Bucky. Zemo success his plan to break apart Avengers.

After that, Rhodey’s legs doesn’t work he has to use artificial’s legs. Tony gets mail from Rogers about the break in. He breaks out his Avengers out.