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Supernatural Season 11 Episode

Red Meat

Tonight Sam and Dean go to hunt down the werewolves, but Sam is shot. Dean get bullet out from him and rescue their victim. Dean is going out to get signal and call for ambulance, but victims tell them about other.

They escape out, the victim tell Dean that Sam slow them down and want to get off alone. But Dean doesn’t agreed, he found that someone coming.

He comes back and found Sam is dead, they rush out the cabin. One of victim confess that he killed Sam to make them safe.

Dean takes them out safety and found the sheriff, he try to get back but he is knocked out. They take them to hospital.

One of victim also get bite by werewolf, sheriff try to contact his ranger but he already dead.

Dean figures out how to safe Sam, he is going to summon Reaper. One of victim, Michelle wants to help him. He takes many pill to dead, but Sam stills alive and he notices someone coming.

He found that people of werewolves coming, Sam try to escape. Michelle calls doctor to help him, Dean found Reaper. He try to get him back from her but she tells him that Sam is alive. He is surprise and gets back.

Sam managed to take down all werewolves, he called Dean. He try to warn him about Corbin, the other victim.

Corbin changed to werewolves and killed doctor and sheriff, Dean try to stop him but he is attacked. Sam shows up and shot him dead.